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Vank Church

Vank Cathedral




Amna Prkyj Cathedral or Vank church is in Jolfa of Isfahan which has been copied from Azerbaijan. This is the historical church of the Armenian. It was made by Shah Abbas. Vank in Armenian language means " Monastery". after the great imigration from Jolfa Armenian were brought to Isfahan by order of Shah Abbas in 1605. They were started to built their community and the first things they built were churches. Armenian were people that religion was important to them so it cause that they have a place for prayer to their God. The first was Vank cathedral. This place was built in 1604,but the building is much smaller than the current one. Its construction took place over 9 years during the reign of Shah Abbas II. This place is for teaching the monks and their accomodations.


 Some important features

1) It is the biggest church in Jolfa.

2) Vank cathedral can be considered in terms of the Gold done on the roof and also inside the dome and beautiful historical paintings.

3) The surrounging walls of the catherdral decorated with oil painting and gliding Islamic style.

4) The clock tower








The building has two main entrances and the principle one is a large wooden door that people were commuting. Head of the entry decorated with blue and gray tiles. After enterying there is a corridor that around it, there are two rooms. In the past these rooms were already deal with the matters relating to Armenian but now one of them is a small shop and the other is used as a gaurd room.The corridor leads to staircase.








The bell tower is located on the right side of the stairs. Below the tower, there are two graves, the graves of the Armenian soldier and one belonging to the Armenian leader. The tower was built 38 years after the original building. On the right side of the building (bell tower) there is a long inscription on the blue color and the Crusader stones surrounding it. The rock of the destroyed churches of Jolfa brought to this place and has been installed in the walls. On the left side of the tower, there is a memorial monument that attracts the viewer's attention, memorial of the massacre of the Armenian by Ottoman Turks in 1915. Every year in this place a ceremony will be held on 23rd of April that people (Armenian) gathered to light candles and remember the martyrs of the Armenian.




The sections of the Vank cathedral



aV1420175401Prayer building of the church

Prayer is the original home of the church in the shape of the parallelogram, consist of two parts: the first part of the nave rectangular building under the dome and the second part are for ceremonies and religious hymns. Multi-colored tiles brick engulfed wall plinth prayer house. In parts of the plinth are painted beautiful pictures of the Bible and the entire space of the dome decorated with them. All around the dome is the creation story of Adam and Eve who were drafted by Armenian painters. Exterior view of the dome of the church is without decoration, tiling and covered with simple brick. A church is a very beautiful Alter image including the image of Juses.




DSC_1345-Persias-first-printing-press-800Printing office

The building is located behind the press Vank cathedral. In 1640, an Armenian leader built this place and in 1641 published a book on the theme of history. Still few copies of the book are in the museum of Vank cathedral which of course is not desirable in terms of printing and paper but it's a great honor for the publishers.









At the time of the great migration, the Armenian left everything and came to Iran. The only thing that they couldn't ignore it was their books at their home. Armenian endures the great pain and brought many books to Iran (Isfahan) and these books were only wealth that is ever valuable for Armenian. In 1884 a part of Vank cathedral devoted to a library. It is worth noting that all these books, manuscripts were written on parchment.






The museum was built in 1905 in Vank cathedral. This place is for holding expensive and rare items that are rare in the world. It must be said that most of the properties are gifts by the people. There is proper place for the relics of the past to future generations known who their ancestors were and what they did. In this place hold beautiful Bibles that one of them is the world's smallest one and it weight 7 grams.There is a hair strand that belongs to a 18 years old girl and they wrote on it that you can see its inscription with telescope.








vankOffice building

In the past, administrative and judicial Jolfa took place in this location. Set registering the death, birth and marriage certificates to repair and judicial affairs. It goes on now the Armenians go there