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Vakil Bazaar








Vakil Bazaar is the main bazaar of Shiraz, Iran, located in the historical center of the city. It is thought that the market originally was established by the Buwayhids in the 11th century AD, and was completed mainly by the Atabaks of Fars , and only was renamed after Karim Khan Zand in the 18th century.


















Shiraz's finest bazaar is one of the most atmospheric in Iran and has been described as the most architecturally impressive in the country. It was constructed by Karim Khan as part of a plan to make Shiraz into a great trading center. The vaulted brick ceilings keep the Bazaar interior cool in summer and warm in winter. Being considered as one of the best bazaars in Iran, this can be one of your favorite places to shop many good stores with very good prices.
















The Bazaar has beautiful courtyards, caravanserais, bath houses, and old shops which are deemed among the best places in Shiraz to buy all kinds of Persian rugs, spices,copper handicrafts and antiques. 

















The architecture and atmosphere make it worthwhile to visit and shop. It is quite large with many sections. You will find stores in groups based on what they sell, like handcrafts stores above and carpet stores below. One can purchase Gabbeh (rugs woven by Fars nomads) in addition to other kinds of rugs and many other handcrafts. Like other Middle Eastern Bazaars there are a few numbers of mosques and Immamzadehs constructed adjacent or behind the Bazaar.