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Vakil Abad Park




Vakil Abad Park



Vakil Abad Park, located in Vakil Abad village, southwest of Mashhad, Iran, is a perfect spot for travelers to rest and have fun. This outstanding park with a seasonal river flowing through it and too many large trees has also 173 acres of zoo land which is the only zoo in Mashhad.



 The zoo is home to various species of birds, carnivores, herbivores, reptiles, fishes as well as endangered animals. Local and exotic animals can been found in Vakil Abad zoo, such as rare types of Bengal tiger, Indonesian tiger, white Oryx, aoudad sheep, alligator, llama, African leopard, lynx and so many more.



The great atmosphere in the park created by its natural beauty and outstanding zoo attracts large groups of visitors all year round. For adventurous visitors who always ask for more, a modern amusement park has doubled the fun.