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Tomb of Nader Shah





Tomb of Nader Shah






  Located in a beautiful garden on Shohada intersection, the Tomb of Nader Shah Afshar sits on an area of 1448 square meters right in the heart of Mashhad city in Iran.






  Nader Shah, one of the most powerful rulers in Iranian history, was assassinated in 1740 in Fathabad (Ghuchan), and his body was buried in a tomb built by him, in Mashhad. Through time and in political tensions after Nader, his tomb was destroyed, but in 1876, the governor of Khorasan, Ghavamossaltaneh, built a new building on the tomb.






  A statue of Nader Shah, riding a horse while holding an axe and with 3 soldiers running after him, was erected in his honor on his tomb. This statue, designed by Qolam Hossein Sadiqi and made in Italy, weighs about 74000 kilograms. There is a museum inside the tomb which has a collection of weapons, helmets, shields, and 130 guns belonging to the time of Nader Shah.






  His pressent mausoleum was opened in 1963 including a 12-step stage, the tomb, and a tent-like shelter over the tomb, statues representing Nader Shah, a book shop and 2 museum halls. One of these halls contains weapons and the other one exhibits objects belonging to Nader Shah era.






  Next to Nader Shah’s tomb, there is the tomb of Colonel Mohammad Taghi Khan Pesyan, who was a popular military leader in Iran and was also known to be the first Iranian to successfully pilot an aircraft.