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Tabatabaei House

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The Tabatabaei House (Persian:خانه طباطبایی ها Khaneh-ye Tabatabaei ha) designed around an open central court that was fully resorted and is now open to the public in Kashan, a city in central desert of Iran. It was built in the early1880s for the affluent Tabatabaei family.

Seyyed Jafar Tabatabaei's house is renowed for its intricate stone reliefs, fine stucco and wonderful mirror ans stained glass work.


The structure includes post-Islamic historical sites and some other contemporary era such as bath, mosques,gardens,and old houses built and owned by elite families. It was designed by Ustad Ali Maryam, architecture of Borujerdis House and the Timcheh Amin od-Dowleh,

Peoper architecture and super beautiful look of it has brought this fame and name to it.Counstruction of this house began in 1250and made over 10years.Tabatabaei House was personal property of a business man who had a great fame in carpet industry beyond Iran borders.

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The area of house have been written about 4730 meters and It consists of four courtyards, wall paintings with elegant stained glass windows, and includes other classic features of traditional Persian residential architecture,such as biruni, andaruni and khadameh.


The andaruni(internal area where family members lived), the biruni (external area used for entertaining and housing guests) and the khadameh (servants' quarter). These are set around four courtyards, the largest of which boasts a fountain pool. From mid-afternoon (depending on the month), sunlight and stained glass combine to bathe some rooms in brilliant colour.