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Shirvan Valley

Shirvan Valley


Shirvan valley is located on the east side of the city Meshkin-Shahr in Ardebil, Iran. It is one of the most wonderful sights of Sabalan Mountain. It is also a mind-blowing phenomenon and a unique architecture of nature. Shirvan valley is one triumph of nature which confuses any visitors and makes them wonder in the creator of all this beauty. It is a long and relatively deep valley.











Its population was 82,790 in 2006.  The Name of this city branches from Old Persian Word, "Shir" which means Lion. It might because of the mountain in the south of the city which looks like a big lion at rest. History of Shirvan comes from more than 7000 years ago. Archaeologists found some graves in Gelian and Khanlogh (Villages of Shirvan) which are related to Achaemenid Empire era.











Shirvan Valley is one of the eleven wild habitats. Pigs, foxes, wolves, sheep, Armenian, brown bear, partridge, dove, and a number of migratory birds are living there. You can also see trees of apples, peaches and grapes. Fishing is another interesting thing to do in a beautiful lake near. There are a number of caves that no one has ever reached the end of the long caves.They are very fascinating caves. There are thousands of tourists coming from different parts of Iran and the world to spend time here and enjoy holidays. Mornings with the cool breeze from Sabalan Mountain are quite fresh and pleasant.