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Sepah Avenue



Shohada (Sepah) Avenue




Sepah Avenue 1Sepah Avenue 7


Shohada (Sepah) Avenue in Qazvin, the oldest avenue in Iran, is a part of Safavid era infrastructure of the city. It connects various important cities and poles like Jame’ Mosque, Imamzade Hossein, Dowlat-Khaneh and the Traditional Bazaar Complex to one another. This axis in Khomar Tashi, in Kabir Jame’ Mosque – preservation and restoration of Jame’ Mosque Complex as principle core of the city which is engraved in Kufi epigraph under the mosque’s dome, is located on the western side of this avenue.


Sepah Avenue has been constructed in 1545 in the era of Shah Tahmasb the first. It seems that this avenue has been from the Ali Qapu entrance to beginning of Mohammadiye axis. At this time, an entrance was built at the end of the avenue. Not long after that, the avenue was extended to the front of Jame’ Mosque. According to Safavid, entrance of Jame’ Mosque, was strengthened by the construction of second part of the avenue.


Sepah Avenue 2Sardar Alighapu


The name of the avenue means the path of river and existence of one or two big rivers in such axis, have provided water of Ja’afar Aabad Garden and the City’s southern gardens, so it is guessed that the avenue has been constructed on current axis and probably the name of the neighborhood surrounding the avenue (Mahalleye Khiaban) is related to Pre-Safavid Era, although there is no name it in Saljuqi Katibe.


 Sepah Avenue is located inside the city’s borders, and it had no development outside the borders. The avenue is constructed in a place where some parts of it contain the oldest parts of the city and along with existence of Rey gate, Jame’ Mosque, Bazaar, Tabriz and Rasht gate, it seems that texture density in this construction area has not been high. Moreover, existence of gardens in this site has been major. Ja’afar Abad Garden is the best example of it.


Length of the Avenue could be estimated to have been from Ali Qapu’s entrance to the end of the open space in front of Jame’ Mosque. These dimensions matches what tourists have noted, like 700 feet.