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Qamsar is a village in central Iran. It is the administrative center of Qamsar district, which forms part of kashan country in province of Isfahan.

Qamsar is like a shining star in central Iranian desert. Mountains encircle it like a ring and protect its rose gardens against the heat of the desert. The environment of this garden city , including the shade of trees, sound of flowing water and birds , and fragrance of roses, creates an incredible milieu.

From the 13th century and perhaps considerably earlier, cobalt was mined near Qamsar. The metal oxide was exported all over the Muslim world for use as the cobalt blue pigment in decoration of pottery.

It is possible that the cobalt ore was also exported to china. In 1301 Abol Qasem , who came from a family of tile makers based in Kashan , wrote a treatise on the manufacture of frit ware ceramics in which he mentions the village as a source of cobalt ore.


Qamsar becomes colorful with the arrival of spring. Its beauty is doubled when rose water ceremony commence. and Its hospitable people play host to millions of people who love nature, traditions and Qamsar's rose water.

The city is the breeding ground of the finest and most exquisite Mohammadi Rose and has the best traditions and methods of rosewater production. It is also the first place where the industrial production of rosewater was started and where many workshops are active in rosewater production.

18184Experts maintain that Qamsar has been producing rose and rosewater since a long time ago. Some believe that under the Seljuk ruler Malekshah, when Miyandeh Mosque of Qamsar was built , and East Roman official picked some roses from the slopes of Kouh Asbi mountsin near Qamsar and took them to Damascus(which was called Damask in those times)to be grown.For the same reason , the Iranian red flower is sometimes called Damask Rose in English.


Every year during second of half May, festival of Rose and Rose water is being held in Kashan.The people of Qamsar collect roses, boil them in special pots and collect their vapors in beautiful containers. It is a matter of pride for the city that each year, the most sacred place on earth, Ka’ba in Mecca, is washed with rosewater supplied by Qamsar.

The first rosewater production plant in Iran was established in Qamsar in 1974-75 after studies were conducted by Bulgarian experts. It was built on 15th kilometer of Qamsar-Kashan Road.


The people of Qamsar collect roses, boil them in especial pots and collect their vapors in beautiful containers. It is a matter of pride for the city that each year , the most sacred place on earth , Kaaba in Mecca , is washed with rose water supplied by Qamsar..

The reason for picking rose and preparing rosewater is from early May to mid-June. In early May ,the scent of rose spreads all over Kashan, such as Qamsar, BArzak and Niasar.The ceremony for producing rosewater attracts many tourists from different country and abroad.