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Naghsh e jahan

1Always natural and historical places like squares in a city geographically has special effect and many people in the city know the city with its biggest square. Naghsh e jahan in Isfahan today's one of the most important place in Iran that travelers and tourists are eager to visit.  On the present site of the Imam square before Isfahan became the Safavid capital, there used to be another square called Naghsh e jahan (design of the world) much smaller than the square today. It was Shah Abbas the Great who made Isfahan his capital and then decreed to its present size and lovely buildings set around it.

The length of this great square which is actually rectangular is 500 meters from north to south and its width is about 150 meters from east to west.The area is close to 85 thousand square meters.

It was laid out and beautified in the reign of Shah Abbas the Great at the begining of the 17th century.


Mohammadreza and Aliakbar Isfahani, the names of two architects who planned and built it into its present form. You can see the name of these two architects on the entrance of Abbasi and Sheikh lotfollah mosques.

During Reza Shah period, the official name of the feild has changed to Shah square. Today the official name of this feild is Imam square.



11  It was then that usual competitions and games of the era, such as Polo and Pilory was used up and the parade of the soldiers were held in the same location. Two stones pillars infront of the Imam mosque also reflected the Qeysarieh Bazaar shows that the Polo and other sports were played in this feild.


Most travelers and tourists who have written of the glory of the global role of the ambassadors and foreign representitive and other citizens of other countries in this feild have mentioned memories and according to some travelers,many historic talks between Iranian officials and foreign envoys has been done in this feild.

One of the thing about this feild is that you can see this square from different angles: religion , politics,culture and ordinary life are the most importand one.


Recently a survey conducted online at the international level and tourists who had traveled so far to all over the world or take a look at the famous image of the planet were vast and beautiful the world participated in the survay choose, you know what happened? The square which is succeed to gain the first place…. Iran and the beautiful city of Isfahan in our feild " Naghsh e jahan " square.

This square was recorded as a UNESCO World heritage site on the date of Ordibehesht 1358.





Imam's square, this feild is located in the center of  the city and it's located in the histirical compelex of Naghsh e jahan. The square is one of the cultural figures and Iranian architecture and a large collection of Safavid era. Naghsh e jahan square, not only because of its beautiful garden, but also to the establishment of the most beautiful Iranian monument recognized in the world. The square in Safavid era including the world's largest Polo feild.

Naghsh e jahan square in Isfahan is the most beautiful square in the world chaining toghether the world's four unique monument: Sheikh lotfollah mosque, Imam square,Qeisarieh Bazaar and Ali Qapu palace. this square was built instead of the small square of the Timurid era.







14  The most noteworthy features of the square is the way in which in sunshine and shade and the varying lights of the day the whole wonderful expanse takes on a hundered different aspects each more attractive and lovely. Some foreign travelers have said: ( Isfahan is the heart of the orient ), the Imam square is certainly the heart of Isfahan.

The square has two main entrance doors.

While the machine age now, you can still ride on the carriage and check the square and enjoy seeing beautiful fountain at the center of the square.

The other thing about this feild is that most of the buildings around are two-storied and the acloves simply decorated and doors are all large and you can see street-level shops.

We can still appreciate its wonder on viewing it today but imagination is needed to recapture the glory of four centuries ago.

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