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Monika & Andreas Pflueger


 Dear Hadi,

So it was our first experience with the former Persia, the  Iran!

We tried to be good prepared to come to your country and  read some books, watch some movies and tried to learn  your languages “Farsi”. In our country, we heard very  different things about Iran, but the people who visited Iran  before were very surprised of the great hospitality. After  some problems with the communications we met you Hadi Qashqaei and felt immediately at home.

 We had three great days with you and your friends Mohammad and Mahdi, the drivers. We  were deeply impressed about the culture and the lifestyle in Tehran. You introduced us in the  way of life in Iran with an open heart and open sense and a good feeling for foreigners, as we  are. You are able to show us the different aspects and a little bit the way of thinking and living in Iran of today. Thank you for three unforgettable days with you in Tehran and surroundings.


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