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Lukie Kang

IMG_20150806_103944I was excited to visit Iran as part of the Mongol Rally, a road journey from the United Kingdom to Mongolia. My guide was Ahmad Janati from www.IranTourismCenter.com. We met in Tehran and we spent the day exploring the sights of Tehran. He was keen to understand the things I was interested in and thus tailor my experience accordingly. This, for me, included visiting the Grand Bazaar, Golestan Palace, Azadi Tower and Milad tower. Ahmad was very knowledgeable and was keen to answer questions about Iran’s history and also it’s interesting present, he is a very personable person and really enjoys showing Iran to the world.Ahmad also accompanied me as I journeyed east, we visited Gorgan and Golestan. He was able to introduce me to several different local cuisines which were always excellent. We visited towers and waterfalls, hiked in the forest near Gorgan. The hospitality of Iran was wonderful and we met many people along the way which Ahmad helped with translations, stopping for a meal with one family we met!Due to his knowledge I was able to visit some very rare and unexplored locations in Eastern Iran including the Shrine of Khalid Nabi(CHECK SPELLING!) which was fascinating and had some breathtaking views. Ahmad was also able to help with the Mongol Rally, helping myself and other teams with paperwork and technical issues. I felt I truly gained a deep understanding of Iran’s culture and its people. I look forward to returning again and exploring Iran further!


Date of Posting: September 9, 2015

Posted By: Lukie Kang       

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