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Kangavar, also known as Konkobar or Concobar, is located 75 km from Hamadan & 96 km from Kermanshah. Its name is thought to be driven from the Avestan Kanha-vara. In the first century AD, Isidore Charax mentioned Kangavar as a city in the ancient province of Ecbatana. The city contains 30 villages which are all quite fertile as they lie in the Kangavar Valley.



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Located on the easternmost part of Kermanshah, Kangavar is well-known for its archaeological remains of a mixed Sassanid & Achaemenid-style edifice. The first excavations in the city were made in 1968 to reveal the secrets of an archaeological site in Iran popularly thought to have been attributed to the ancient deity Anahita.






Anahita Temple in Kangavar is Hellenistic in character & yet displays Persian designs. The temple has some plinth & their enormous dimensions measure each over 200 m on a side, & its megalithic foundations which echo Acaemenid stone platforms, constitute Persian elements. This is thought to be corroborated by the two lateral stairways that ascend the massive stone platform recalling Achaemenid traditions, particularly of the Apadana at Persepolis.






It is believed that the site was a columnar temple decicated to Anahit. The construction is said to belong to Parthian style which was renovated in the Sassanid period. This site has made the city a popular tourist attraction in spite of the fact that more has to be learned about this beautiful ancient temple.