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Jeff and Lauren Gray

Jeff and Lauren Gray, Australia


814434891_27837After deciding to ignore advice from many Australian friends, we arrived in Tehran to a very welcoming, friendly country. After 2 days in Tehran absorbing the sights and atmosphere we flew to Yazd where we were met by Ahmad janati, our guide/driver.

As we toured Yazd, Shiraz and Esfahan Ahmad offered great friendship, local knowledge, wonderful translating skills and a wish to make our trip as enjoyable and informative as possible. We enjoy a lot of free time in the evening to wonder the street and bazaars, never feeling unsafe.

Iran has shown itself to be a wonderful country offering many, many amazing monuments and historical sites, a great verity of food and local colour.

Ahmad encouraged us to indulge in local delicacres and introduced us to many new foods.

We would highly recommend as a safe, enjoyable, historic and welcommy destination.