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James & Jermi

photo_2016-06-09_00-13-32My trip to the beautiful country of Iran was only made more amazing by my expert guide Ahmad. He understood right away that as an architect I had a detailed interest in Iran’s important historical monuments, and also in less visited buildings like wind towers, cisterns, hammam, etc. Ahmad proved very resourceful and also very interested to explore some of these overlooked sites with me, and was able to direct me to some amazing places I never would have known to visit. He even helped to make some very fascinating personal connections along the way, such as with a group of archeology students who were studying ancient domestic and religious practices at Chogha Zanbil, and an architecture professor who was deeply knowledgable in the history and construction of the Great Mosque of Isfahan. Ahmad also embraced my sense of culinary adventure, taking me well beyond the standard tourist stops to places like a relaxed little liver shop in Tehran and a lively street of falafel stands in Ahwaz. He always had advice on the best and most unusual local fare, as well as the places where you could really get a feel for the life of a city. I would absolutely recommend Ahmad and would definitely reach out to him again should I be fortunate enough to return to Iran.