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Jame Mosque of Yazd



Jame Mosque of Yazd



Jame Mosque 4



  Jame Mosque of Yazd, a real masterpiece of Iranian engineering right in the heart of Yazd’s historic area, is a stunning mosque which was designed with great symmetry and decorated with eye-catching tiles in exquisit colors. Having the tallest portal of all moseques in Iran, rich tile and brickworks, and the tallest minarets among Persian mosques, Jame Mosque of Yazd is one of the outstanding 14th century buildings of Iran.

The magnificent Jame Mosque is a major landmark almost always crowded with visitors from in and outside the country. This 900-year old mosque used to be a Zoroastrian fire temple before Islam but then was converted to a mosque. It was refurbished many times and its structure was modified on several occasions by different kings. The current structure dates back to about 500 years ago.


  Three important distinguishing features of the Friday Mosque of Yazd are: its structural innovation, its remarkable decoration, and its being the “earliest” mosque upon which later fifteenth-century mosques in Yazd were modeled.


The mosque is crowned by a pair of minarets, the highest in Iran, with the portal’s façade decorated from top to bottom in dazzling tile work, predominantly  blue in color. Two towering minarets, dating back to the Safavid era, measure 52 meters in height with a diameter of 6 meters. Elegant patterns of brick work and the priceless inscription of mosaic tiles, bearing angular Kufic inscription create a sense of timeless beauty. Its mihrab, a semi-circle niche that indicates the direction of Kaaba in Mecca, from 1986, is considered one of the finest mihrabs in the whole country. Looking up and checking out the ceiling, one may lose himself in the stars of the dome.

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The mosque is located in the center of Yazd. It is surrounded by bazaars, libraries, bathhouses and other urban institutions. It is still in use today and was first built under Ala’oddoleh Garshasb of the Al-e Bouyeh dynasty. The mosque is a fine specimen of the Azari style of Persian architecture.





vaziri library


There is a library and a museum near the Mosque. The library was founded by Seyyd Ali Mohhamad Vaziri in 1955 who dedicated more than 1100 books to the library. The library holds different sections including the hall of researchers, the treasury of printed books, the lithographs and manuscripts, the museum of handwritten books, the antiques, an amphitheatre and some more.