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We are group of 10 people

photo_2017-09-26_23-13-50We are group of 10 people: family and friends from Vietnam. We have 4 elders U70 and others are young ladies. We decided to have a tour guide with us for 2 days in Tehran and used all kinds of public transportation. And Ghazal is our tour guide. We didn't have a good start since one in our group got into an small car accident in our first day in Tehran and need to go to the hospital for checking. She got a bruise at her left foot. I have to tell that the accident is not Ghazal's fault. It is the fault of the driver and us for his/our carelessness. It is simply an unlucky day for us. But Ghazal is with us and support us for everything: hospital, pills… She got her friends taking the group to the mountain as original itinerary. Just 1 in our group and the one with hurting food went to the hospital. Thanks to her the accident didn't affect our trip much. The second day we got a city tour with Ghazal. 9 people is a big group for public transportation. It is the time we went by taxies and got lost of each others (divided by 2 groups and cannot find each other). It took us 30-45 minites till we met up. Ghazal felt very bad and appolozied to us. We understand that the streets were very crowded and the taxi drivers didn't got a clear message where to drop us at Golestan Palace. Anyways, the rest of the city tour went on smoothly. We got a good day tour in Tehran. Ghazal is a very gentle girl, a little unexperience with a big group going with public transportation. But she got good experience from us and with her kindness and enthusiasm with her work I beleive she will be an excellent tour guide for anyone, any groups.