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Glen & Rene


IMG_2667This being my first trip to Iran, I was apprehensive yet excited about the country.But from the start, our guide Ahmad made sure that my fear was unfounded. As we travelled from Kerman back to Tehran with stops in Yazd, Shiraz, Esfahan and Kashan, he ably showed us the beauty of his country and the warm hospitality of his fellow Iranians. Aside from the must-see historical and religious sites such as Persepolis, he took us to each of the city bazaars  and had us taste the various Persian dishes and desserts such as the faloodeh plus the fruits and nuts grown in Iran.

Having guided for around 6 years, Ahmad deftly drove us to the different places and even to some not in our itinerary such as the ancient mosque in Natanz and oldest cypress tree in Abarkuh. His command of English was good and so was his knowledge of the culture and history. He was very accommodating and prompt.   We look forward to another visit to Iran, this time north of Tehran. It would be great if Ahmad would guide us again.