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Eshrad and Ferinando doing Mongol Rally in IRAN

photo_2017-09-26_23-16-58Eshrad and Ferinando

Over the summer of 2016 a friend and me participated in the Mongol Rally, part of the rally involved driving across Iran.

While researching the drive we soon realized I would useful to have a guide.Another friend of mine recommended Ahmad Janati (from irantourismcenter), as he had used Ahmad the year before. Ahmad Janati was very useful while planning my trip, he helped us create an itinerary to make the most of our time taking into consideration what we wanted to see and also recommended places to visit, that we had not come across on the usual websites ( TripAdvisor,etc). When we finally got to Iran, Ahmad met us at the boarder and stayed with us to the entire duration of the trip. His knowledge and lists of contacts proved invaluable when it came to sorting out paper work at the boarder, getting our car fix or finding us accommodation at short notice. I honestly don’t believe my journey across Iran would have been as fun or informative without Ahmad janati. To anyone thinking about going to Iran, I would highly recommended getting in touch with Ahmad and using his services, I know I definitely will the next I go to Iran.

Email: eshrad@hotmail.com