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Dress Code in Iran




Dress Code in Iran






  While traveling to Iran, one must know that this is a country with an Islamic dress code called “Hijab” and respectable Islamic rules which have to be obeyed to some extent by the Muslim Iranians but are not imposed strictly, especially on tourists and foreigners.

  These simple rules for men include not wearing short pants, extremely tight shirts and T-shirts which are very short-sleeved. Women must cover their heads and hair and wear something loose to cover their bodies. Clothes cannot be revealing.



How do Iranian people dress?


Most visitors to Iran find it quite surprising that Iranian men and women wear stylish clothes in beautiful colors and have a great sense of fashion which is totally different from the stereotype they had in mind about people in Iran.

  Iranian women cover their heads by loose fitting scarves and frame their faces with locks of hair. Many of them wear light makeup. Different types of jeans are very popular among Iranian girls. They wear types of long coats to cover the body below the thigh in various colors which are called manteau. Chador is an option for Iranian women who prefer to have full Islamic cover, but wearing it is not mandatory.

  Men in Iran do not wear shorts or very tight shirts and T-shirts in public. They also do not wear ties or bows in everyday occasions, but they dress in a very western style for private functions and events.





Some tips for tourists in Iran:





1. You have to only maintain your Hijab while outdoors. If you failed to do so, the maximum penalty for not observing the dress code in Iran would be a simple request (usually in a friendly way) by the police or authorities to observe the dress code.


2. You can wear any variety of colors.


3. You need to choose long pants, jeans or skirts that completely cover your legs. They cannot be skimpy.


4. You have to wear scarves (they are called “Roosari” in Persian), or any type of hats or caps that covers your hair.


5. You have to wear a chador in almost all holy shrines, and you are given one at the entrance.


6. In international flights to Iran, you need to respect the dress code as soon as the plane enters Iranian air space. Watching the flight attendants will give you a good idea of when you are required to put your scarf and manteau on.








1. You need to wear long pants or jeans. Shorts are not acceptable in public.


2. Wearing ties, bows and T-shirts is all right. Keep in mind that in formal occasions and while dealing with embassies, universities, schools and any other governmental institutions, agencies and organizations obeying the dress code is highly recommended.