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Dowlat Abad Garden



Dowlat Abad Garden





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Dowlat Abad Garden, a jwel of Persian Architeecture, designed and built in Mohammad Taqi Khan Zand era. The structural design of this garden, which used to be the seat of Khan (the provincial government), had been based on the movement of the rivulets throughout the garden. The pathway of running water forms the garden's design. Most of its ruins, such as its Vestibule Building and its Badgir (windcatcher), have been restorated.  Dowlat Abad garden is irrigated by an underground water shaft, given the same name. To create this garden and to supply its water, a 65 kilometer-long chain of qanats (underground water channels) were dug from Mehriz to Yazd.



Dowlat Abad Garden Complex, consisting of a large garden and some buildings, includes the Southern Frontispiece Building, the Vestibule Building and Aeration Tower (Badgir/Windcatcher), the Summer Building or Harem, the Behesht Ain Building, the mirror Hall Bulding, the Tehrani Building, the Main Frontispiece Building and a double-spanned water cistern.


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Dowlat Abad’s Badgir (windcatcher) is a fine piece of  engineering, which shows the genius and ability of the architects of Yazd. The well-known windcatcher of Dowlat Abad with the height of 33 meters, is the tallest of its kind. This tall windcatcher can easily provide the cool air for the whole mansion. Doors of a main room are designed by colorful glasses through which a mesmerizing view of the garden and the courtyard can be viewed. 


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Declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2011, Dowlat Abad Garden is among the 9 Iranian gardens which are collectively registered as one of Iran's registered World Heritage Sites under the name of Persian Garden.

once in Dowlat Abad Garden you can chill out on the grass to enjoy the sun, the breeze, or the ice-cold dry weather depending on the season. You can sip Iranian black tea at the local café or have a scrumptious lunch at the restaurant within the beguiling estate and have an unforgetable, relaxiing day.

Whatever your intentions in the city, Dowlat Abad Garden is undoubtedly one of the city’s must-see spots.