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Delgosha Garden


Delgosha Garden is one of the historical gardens in Shiraz, Iran, near Tomb of Sa'di and it belongs to the pre-Islamic era of the Sassanian Empire. Bagh-e Delgosha, the Garden of the Heart's Delight was made in the eighteenth century. This historic garden dates back to the Sassanid era. It enjoyed prominence during the reign of Safavid kings. It is located in northeast Shiraz.









90392439295772660066In Safavid dynasty, Delgosha Garden was one of most famous gardens in Shiraz. Some of the buildings in this garden were constructed in Qajar dynasty. The garden takes on a more beautiful appearance in spring because of its blooming tangerine trees. Most of the trees in this 7.5 hectare garden are citrus such as Orange and sour orange. It is in an orange grove near Boustan Avenue, which leads to the tomb of Sa'di. The orange trees are healthy and the central pavilion is fine. But much of the garden has been insensitively modernized with concrete paving and blue painted water channels.







Some of the walks are lined with cypress trees. The walk leads to a residential home, standing in the center of the garden dating from the land and Qajar eras. The building has a verandah supported by two monolithic pillars. Its facade is covered with glazed tiles and plaster moldings, its doors are fine examples of inlay work and mirror work, and there are some lovely paintings on wood with flower, shrub and bird designs. The main building which has three stories with two entrances in two sides and a porch in the middle floor with a view of pool is a sign of glorious days. The Sa’di’s Tomb Canal is passing through this garden.