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Chitgar Forest Park

0.568994001398301145_taknaz   Chitgar is one of the greatest and most popular parks in Tehran.  It is situated in Tehran's province, Iran. It is actually an artificial forest park that covers a dozen square kilometers of land. It lies within Tehran's district 22. It has wonderful things to enjoy, from a man-made lake to a great park for picnicking and a wonderful bike track for speed enthusiasts. It has a horseback, riding ranch, a long cycling ramp and much more, all within easy access because the subway station leading right to it.










   A man-made lake is planned for construction between the two Chitgar hills. The lake has an area of about 160 hectares with capacity to hold 10 million Ch.M. of water which not only feeds groundwater, but also purifies Tehran air. Chitgar Lake, also known as the lake of Martyrs of the Persian Gulf is an artificial and recreational lake located in the north of Chitgar Park. The huge park is irrigated by the rivers Kan and Vardavard. About 80% of the lake water comes from the Kan Creek and the rest of it comes from central areas and surface runoffs of the district.