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Yang / Hong / Xiaoxuan yu

photo (1)Yang / Hong / Xiaoxuan yu, China

Just so glad we chose Iran as our destination, a short 5 day trip really impressed us. Such an amazing country! The people, the food, the culture, all just so charming! If you are tired of seaside sunshine and shopping and just want to experience something different, Iran is worth a visit. It will exceed all your expectations and imaginations in a good way. What's great about this country is when you are traveling in it; you can feel connected to the culture and history. The greatest thing happen to us in this journey is our excellent excellent tour guides! Ahmad Mabas and Ghazale. They are great tour guides and great friends. They've been very kind and helpful and so good at what they do. I can tell they are just so proud of their country and want to show everyone the best of Iran. Highly recommended. They are all professional, friendly and speak great English. It's a pity we didn't know them sooner! Otherwise we will be having a much better planned trip! So pity we don't have time for Isfahan. One thing to remind all the Chinese tourists is the food here is very different you might want to bring your laoganma with you, but worth trying anyway.









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