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Carole Lewis,Vancouver

 MyDSCF0106 friend and I had a one day tour in Tehran with Ahmad Janati and Ghazal Afshar

It started literally several hours after we arrived by air overnight, and we were pretty tired. We wondered how we would get through the day. Then we met Ahmad and Ghazale at the hotel, and we were immediately re-energized. They had an active fun day planned for us, which started with a ride on the Metro and a visit to the Tehran Bazaar. They introduced us to products we had never seen before, such as freshly picked pistachios and a delicious drink called khak-e-shir, which I enjoyed again later in our trip. We visited Golestan Palace, which was not on the itinerary for our extended tour, and then ended the day with a trip to the mountains north of town and a wonderful meal in a nice little restaurant. The food there was very good, and we so much enjoyed Ahmad’s and Ghazale’s company. We found them to be well-organized and thoughtful in the planning of our day. They took the time to check out our itinerary for our long tour and made sure they introduced us to places and experiences we wouldn’t have there. They were entertaining, informative, and helpful. It was a perfect way for my friend and me to begin our tour of Iran. I highly recommend both Ahmad and Ghazal to other travelers visiting Iran!


Carole Lewis, Vancouver, B.C., Canada