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Bame Sabz


Bame Sabz, also known as" Sheitan Kuh" is located in Lahijan,Gilan Province. It is a tree covered ridge fringed with tea gardens and a beautiful waterfall. Most of the time, people stand under the waterfall and take a lot of pictures. You have two ways to reach the top of the mountain. The first way is to use your car and the other one is to go on foot. The first one is really easy but if you choose the second one, you should climb up about 1000 stairs and pass through a covered tree path that is wonderful.  There are many tourists enjoying fine views down over Lahijan's rectangular lake. This lake is also called "Lahijan pool". People can rent a boat and enjoy the nice weather and the tranquility of it. You can also use cable car and see the whole city below.







The cable car provides beautiful natural views for those who ride on it. It has two stations. First station from Bame Sabz to the second station is called Tajkhorous. Each cable car moves 102 meters above the ground and travels 1500 meters distanceIn the first station, there are handicraft stalls. There is also a cafeteria. Working hours start at 8 AM and it closes at 8 PM (sometimes working hours is depended on the number of travelers and visitors). This cable car is equipped with a power generator and its (electricity) current never stops while workingThe second station of the cable car ends in Fallah Mountain. There is a cafeteria and some pergolas to stay for the travelers and visitors. There is no time limitation for the visitors to stay on the second station.