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Ark-e-Ali shah









Ark e Alishah



Ark-e-Alishah also known as Arg-e-Tabriz, is the massive remnant of Ilkhanid mosque built like a military castle.This historical building dates back to 700 years ago and the style of architecture is Azari style.


Ark e alishah


 Arg-e-Tabrize  is the highest historic wall in Iran and it is the symbol of Tabriz, currently located in the center of the city.This collection includes a school, a mosque and a monastery. It was built in 8th century. Main materials of this building are mortar and lasting materials. A ruinous earth quake in 10th century ruined the whole historical buildings of Tabriz as well as many parts of this castle.The main elements of the mosque are the walls of the arched balcony(Iwan) and the great carrier of the arch.