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Amir Chakhmaq Complex


Amir Chakhmaq Mosque






Amir Chakhmaq complex is one of the most remarkable squares of Iran located in the center of Yazd. It contains a Bazaar, a Mosque, a Tekye, a Bath and a watering place. It is a public place for national events and religious customs.


Amir Chakhmaq complex was built in the 15th century by Jala_al_din Amir Chakhmaq, who was the governor of Yazd in the Timurids period and was used to watch events in the square. At the beginning of 19th century,in the Pahlavi period, the square was converted to a cemetery.


The word Yazd means feast and worship. The city of Yazd has resisted the modern urbanization changes and maintained its traditional structure.  Arch packaging and Minarets of Amir Chakhmaq Mosque represent the Special architecture of Yazd which is notable in the Iranian architecture. There are wonderful views of the town and the surrounding desert landscape from the third-storey of the building.

Amir Chakhmaq complex is situated in the center of the city. The Mosque is in the south of the Complex. Visitors can enter the Mosque from two entrances located in the east and north of the structure.

In the east part of the square, there is the Bazaar built by Haj Qanbar Jahanshahi. On the first floor local handicrafts are provided and on the second floor grilled liver is served, which the visitors can have and enjoy.

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Amir Chakhmaq was described to be an entrance to one of Yazd bazaars, and also to serve as grand-stand for a condolence theater, TA’ZYE, a kind of Passion Play on the martyrdom of the Shia third Imam. One of the tourist attractions situated in Amir Chakhmaq Square is a big palm (a symbol used in mourning ceremonies of Shiite Imams) named nakhl_e_Heidari (Palm of Heidari).





Traveling in the city around the desert, one can see these nakhls in front of mosques and in public squares. A 12-meter high nakhl sits in front of Amir Chakhmaq Complex, in Yazd. This nakhl is believed to be 400 years old dating back to the Safavid era, which is said to be the oldest palm of Iran. On the day of 'Ashura' all nakhls are decorated with expensive colored fabrics and carried in procession by crowds of people. Almost all the men present at the ceremony, old or young, join to carry the nakhl on their shoulders. Some nakhls weigh several tons.

The whole complex, especially the mosque, looks outstanding during night. The lights double the beauty of the structure.


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