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El-Goli, a great large park with an artificial lake and sidewalks in all four corners, is one of the most attractive sites in Tabriz, Azerbaijan, Iran.





Built in Karakoyunlu period in 1485, El Goli is also called Shah Goli, as the small palace in the heart of the lake was used as a royal summer palace in the Qajar dynasty. The traditional Azerbaijani architecture of the building has made it an outstanding site which is connected to a tree-covered hill in south of the lake by two beautifully made stairways. Durind the 2nd Pahlavi era the palace was reconstructed and the sidewalks around the lake were connected to the island by a new pass-way.




Since 1979, after the Revolution in Iran, there was a fierce attempt to remove Shah’s name from almost anything that bore his name, and as a result Shah Goli was changed to El Goli in all official documents meaning People’s Lake.




The water in the lake was originally was used to irrigate the lands in the area, but then was used as a swimming pool by several royal families through decades. The green tree-covered hill next to the lake has added more to its beauty. At the top of the hill, there is a modern hotel with a perfect view of El Goli park and its superb lake.