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Maqbaratoshoara or the Mausoleum of Poets, the most important literary attraction in Tabriz since seven centuries ago, is located in old Sorkhab district of Tabriz, Iran, where distinguished literary figures from Tabriz are buried.





Built by Tahmaseb Dolatshahi, the Secretary of Arts and Cultures in East Azerbaijan in the mid 1970s, the monument is a cemetery belonging to well-known poets, mystics, scholars, scientists and some more famous people from Tabriz or living in the city. This is where famous people such as Shams-e Tabrizi, Khaqani Shirvani, Qatran Tabrizi, Khiabani, Seqatol Islam, Anvari Abivardi, Abol Alla Falaki, Homam Tabrizi, Asadi-e Tusi (the first poet buried in this cemetery) and the contemporary famous poet of Iran, Shahriar are laid to rest. The cemetery commemorates so many poets, some calligraphers, some political activists and also Fath Ali Shah’s vizier in addition to over 400 other outstanding figures whose tombs have been lost in the city’s various earthquakes.




poets tomb


Through years, there have been a lot of attempts to renovate the cemetery, one of which was to erect a new symbolic building on the site with angular interlocking concrete arches which are best viewed across the reflecting pool from the south. The mausoleum was first mentioned by the historian Hamdollah Mostowfi in his “Nozhat ol-Qolub”, saying that the place was situated in Sorkhab district in Tabriz.






Situated on the east side of Seyyed Hamzeh’s and Qaem Maqam’s grave, Maqbaratoshoara introduces the best Persian poets through a time line. Although so many ruinous earthquakes in Tabriz have made it impossible to spot the tombs of the earlier poets, the place has surely maintained its character.





Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Behjat-Tabrizi, mainly known by his pen name, Shahriar (1906-1988), buried in Maqbaratoshoara, was a legendary Azerbaijani poet who wrote in Azerbaijani Turkish and Persian and was one of the first Iranian Azeris who wrote a significant collection of poetry in the Azeri Turkish language.