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Cantor Church



Cantor Church


Cantor Church 13


Kantor (cantor) Church, which is also known as ‘Borj-e Naqus’, was built in Qazvin by the Russians during the world war II.

It is a small church with a tetragon plan and two domes; the big one is in the center part of prayer room and the other one is on the altar. Bricks and concrete are used in constructing the Church. Bricks are picked artistically as a result a beautiful monument is appeared.


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Kantor Church has an entrance surrounded by two walls adorned with Russians crosses. There is a three-storey bell-house at the entrance that is bounded by a small dome. A gable roof with wooden columns in the four corners of outer walls that add to its beauty.There are big columns, similar to prayer room, in two corners of the bell tower. There are four columns in the four corners of the second storey of tower. In addition to prayer room’s skylight, bell-tower also has skylights. The Church’s yard is brick-paved. The courtyard of the church is the final resting place of two Russian nationals; a pilot who was killed when his plane went down during the war and an engineer.


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This small Church has a cross-like representation. The entrance of the Church, located on the western angle and includes an entrance hallway with a sloping roof. After the entrance, there is a foyer with a bell tower standing 11 meters high. The hall has a prayer room and an altar with two rectangular spaces located on two sides. Altar space is semi-circle and has a dome on it. Prayer room has a dome. There are decorated columns in the Church’s exterior.


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