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Lariha House



Lariha House




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A house located in Fahadan neighborhood in Yazd which belonged to haj Muhammad Ibrahim Lari is one of the best-preserved Qajar-era houses which was built in 1863 or 1864. According to the date on one of the painted decorations in the interior, the construction of this house was completed in 1869 or 1870. This building originally consisted of six houses, but only the main outer building has survived. In 1964, “Ali Muhammad Muvaddat (1996) purchased this house and since then it has been used as a Sufi lodge (khanqah) for the Ni’mat Allahi order.


The entrance consists of an octagon-shaped room called Hashti, which besides being a distributer, acts as a waiting room, for ones who would come for business or others until they were received. In Iranian houses the privacy of the family is very much respected. The entrance of the building is one of the most important and elaborate part of the house and the promenade passes through a series of filtration before the arrival to the main courtyard, which acts as the organizing center of the house.



In 1983 the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization acquired the building and transformed it into its office in Yazd. The entrance vestibule is located between two courtyards and has equal access to both. A large and a small courtyard, together with a series of eivans, reception halls, rooms, a portico and an entrance vestibule, are the main constituent elements of this house. These rooms face the main courtyard which is the most important and involved space in the house. The service areas such as the stable, the kitchen and storage spaces have access to the exterior through separate doors. These services areas are mostly located behind other rooms and on the corners and do not benefit from the pleasant view to the courtyard.


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The colorful windows have long been used in Persian houses. These windows filter and balance the amount of light that enters the rooms. The advantages of these windows are to:

  • create a pleasant atmosphere indoors( dance of light on the walls and floor)
  • balance the temperature of the room
  • provides privacy indoors
  • can see but not being seen


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