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Bazzar of Kashan

 Bazzar of Kashan

2947206_538Kashan’s historic bazaar is one of the best in Iran. Busy but not hectic, traditional but with a wide variety of goods, large enough to surprise but not to get lost in, it’s a great place to wander for a couple of hours, especially in the late afternoon. The multidomed roof of the bazaar dates from the 19th century, but the site has been the centre of trade in Kashan for almost 800 years. If you step off the main thoroughfare, you’ll discover caravanserais, madrasehs, mosques and hammams (public bathhouses(.

download (1)When exploring, be sure to make your way to the magnificent Khan Amin al-Dowleh Timche , a caravanserai with a soaring, beautifully decorated dome. Dating from 1868, it’s currently being restored by the Kashani Culture & Heritage Office. There’s a tea stand at one of its entrances where you can sit and watch a steady stream of shoppers pass by. Alternatively, the 19th-century Hammam-e Khan is a popular spot for a tea and qalyan (water pipe) in the late afternoon. Other notable features in the bazaar include the Seljuk-era Masjed-e Soltani (Soltani Mosque), located on the main thoroughfare (known as ‘The Main Line’), and the 800-year-old Mir Amad Mosque , located on a thoroughfare known as ‘The Copper Line’. The latter is also where the most interesting shops are located.

download (3) - CopyFor a delicious snack, purchase some Kashani biscuits from one of the bazaar’s many patisseries – the nargili (coconut macaroons) are particularly delicious.

download (2)Kashan Bazaar the bazaar with fantastic its mudbrick architecture is one of the jewels of the city. Pay a small amount to one of the touts hanging around the bazaar and you will be led to the roof of the bazaar, where you can get an idea of the technical marvel of building such large structures from mudbricks and have a wonderful view over the old city.

The Bazaar itself is not big as the bazzar Tabriz and Tehran, but it is still an interesting place. Don't miss the Khan Amin-al Dowleh Timche, which is the most magnificent place in the bazaar. The teahouse owner in Timche can take you to the roof, have to pay tips to him but worth a visit.

downloadGenerally Kashan is a historical city and Bazaar of Kashan is one of the best places that should be visited , that's really a standard Persian Bazaar . Carpet and antique goods are two major interesting items for me in this Bazaar .Kashan carpets are one of the bests in Iran .architecture of Bazaar also are too interesting.

2947205_769 - Copyyou can spend half a day in the bazaar and may have a meal in a traditional restaurant inside of the bazaar .rates are reasonable mainly for antiques .