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11  Darband is one of the greatest touristic places in the north of Tehran, Iran. If you want to go hiking or want to be away from the town and looking for a beautiful place next to the river or you are supposed to eat a delicious meal, Darband is a suitable place for you.

Darband is a place full of restaurants in the mountains, and you can smell the food like Kebab and Hookah all the time.  Also there is a river there and you can hear the sound of water everywhere. The weather is cool in the middle of the summer and it's one of the coolest places in the summer.

You can go up and enjoy your time there but if you are not supposed to walk you can use the lifts as well. In front of every restaurant there are some traditional junk food like cook beans, beets, sour fruits and …. They are all delicious and all are hand-made. You can't find them in any other countries.







The statue of Hiker

  The most famous symbol of Darband is the statue of Hiker. This statue installed in the middle of the Darband square in 1959. It is the statue of the sergeant Amir Shah Ghadami. He was a very skillful man in terms of ski and skydiving. Also he saved the life of American airplane crew and because of this matter he's got the sign of Merit from Kennedi the presidency of America.

Amir Shah Ghadami was famous for "Shah Baba" died in 2012 at the age of 82.