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Sheikh Lotfollah





جSheikh Lotfollah mosque is located in Isfahan,Iran.

The mosque of Sheikh lotfallah on the east side of Naqsh-e-jahan square is pleasntly proportioned  small sanctuary preceded by a shady square and a large pool. it was built by Shah Abbas l between 1602 and 1619.construction of this mosque lasted 18 years. it was named after scholar of Islam who was greatly venerated at the time.












Some features of this mosque:

1) lack of minaret and countyard that is an integral part of the Islamic mosque.

2) rotate 45 degrees to the north-south axis in the axis direction.

3) low dome mosque

4) unmatched sanctuary mosque.

5) exquisite inscriptions and head locks that have taken place in the vase,marble.

6) This mosque allocated to the the Shah's family and it was not an ordinary mosque.









12520_743  The great originally of cupola is due to cream or ink according to the time of day-ground color to which artist has added a very delicate decoration of serried arabesque and black and blue flowers. the turquoise shades of classic Safavid art appear only on the drum and light at the top.The dome of Sheikh Lotfallah change 3 different color during the day.Sheikh Loftallah mosque dome that is covered inside and out with beautiful ceramics.The dome is based on the high number of congregations arch adorned with Quranic verses.There is a golden peacock on the roof which is then coated with gold in the midday call to prayer coming.






لThe decoration of the entrance portal consist of vault with stalactite and blue and yellow mosaics and anticipates that of the great ivan of Imam's mosque. here, however, the subjects are amazingly varied as for instance on the panel showing two peacocks framing a flower vase filled with luxuriant branches.This small mosque has no centeral inner countyard. there is only a small prayer hall which is approached by a corridor but it is a real gem in which the art of mural mosaics in Isfahan reached its peak.The walls are entirly faced with sumptuous ornamental (carpets) of gilt geometrical designs on a splendid bluish-green background. all the Persian calligraphers have drawn elegant white lettering.This is the first mosque on the square and it is a little bit strange because it has no minarets and countyard.There are stairs to go up and the entrance door was made from a special type of wood.The head of Sheikh Lotfallah mosque mosaic made by the end of 1011 and completed the building and decoration of the lunar year ended in 1028.The inscription on the third line of Reza Abbasi, Sheikh Lotfallah mosque dose lunar years is 1012 and the architect and the building of the mosque MohammadReza Esfahani was that his name brought into the mosque in the small plaque.Sheikh mosque of unique masterpiece of architecture  can be seen Mhrabhay.There are two tables in sanctuary.Around the alter inscriptions to Reza Abbasi and other Al-Baqir name that has seen.You know the dome of the mosque decorated with different Quaran verses.The name of the verses are Anfatar and Shams that are taken from the Quaran and at different time of the day according to the sunlight,one of them highlighted and in the evening another one is like that in other words the sun recite the verses of the Holy Quaran.The lyrics on the inscription of the eastern and western sides, there are probably signing to Sheikh Bahayi, Sufi scholar and poet of the Safavid period.

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