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Your Itinerary in Brief      
 Day to day detail   Day location
 Flight to Tehran and transfer to the hotel, visit Golestan Palace, The grand bazaar of Tehran, National museum        1st  Tehran 
 Visit Fin garden, Tabatabayiha house, Agha Bozorg mosque, Kashan bazaar, stay at Manoochehri house at night         2nd Kashan
 Drive to Yazd ,visit Naeen and Jame mosque    3rd Yazd
 Visit Fahadan, Jame mosque, Amir chakhmagh  4th Yazd
 Visit Dakhme, Zoroastrian fire temple, Dowlat Abad garden and bazaar at night  5th Yazd
Drive to Kerman ,visit Meymanad       6th Kerman
 Visit Shahzadeh Garden,Arg Ryne Nematollah vali 7th Kerman
 Visit Ganjali Khan complex, historical bath, Zarab khaneh, Caravanserai, Jame mosque and Bazaar 8th  Kerman
   Drive to Shiraz  9th Shiraz
 Visit Eram Garden, Arg Karim khani, Vakil bazaar and mosque, Hafezieh 10th Shiraz
Visit Persepolis 11th Shiraz
 Visit Pasargad on the way of Isfahan 12th Isfahan
 Visit Naghsh e Jahan square and some of the surrounding historical buildings , Ali Qapu, Sheikh lotfollah mosque, Imam Mosque, the grand bazaar of Isfahan and visit one historical bridge        13th Isfahan
  Vank church, Jame mosque, Menar Jonban, Atashkadeh 14th Isfahan
 Visit Natanz and Abiyaneh, stay there for a night 15th Abiyaneh
Drive to Tehran, visit Saad Abad Palace and Darband, return to your country 16th Tehran